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Our Mission

Covrt Solutions was started with resellers in mind. We began as a small group of friends that wanted to make buying proxies a fluid and affordable process for everyone. With the launch of our plans, we intend to keep that promise.



After countless releases, A/B testings, and years of experience, we decided to turn our know-how into product and share it with our customers.


Private release proxies are one of the game-changer features that Live Proxies bring to the market.


Our private residential proxies are entirely residential through real IP devices. Our pools are consistently refreshed to make sure you are provided with undoubted reliability.


Join our Discord server to get instant support and solutions to any issues you run into! We're here to help!


Covrt Solutions guarantee little to no blocks on our private residentail proxies with high-speed performance to see you through a release successfully!


Reliability partnered with lightning fast response speeds.




Frequently asked questions

NO due to heavy proxy banning and website security measures, we cannot guarantee that your IP's will remain unbanned but we can guarantee upon delivery they are good.
No we cannot guarantee proxies will be able to pass proxy protection implemented on websites
AT this time, No. Your IPs will be deactivated at the end of 30 days
This we cannot guarantee or give you a hard answer because proxy speeds have a lot of factors such as server speed, wifi connection, bot specs, etc
This answer is simple, No. Your IP's are delivered to you working on sites described in the purchase product description and you have to pay to play in this game. Everything in this community is a gamble and we cannot guarantee your proxies will not get banned because this also has many factors such as user abuse, website protection, and other things that happen throughout the processof trying to obtain products from websites
Please open a ticket within 2-4 hrs of non delivery and give us an additional 24hrs to address the issue worse case scenario. Generally your IP's will be delivered instantly or within 2hrs. We may not be readily available 24hrs of the day so please understand that we will get to you as soon as possible. We are %100 reasonable and customer service is at the forefront of our business plan.